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Tennis court tent

  • Tennis court tent
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     Want to experience tennis all year round? Capa tennis court awning structure can achieve your dream. With its removable side walls, you can enjoy the outdoors in summer and indoor tennis in winter. There's no need to stop because it's raining, it's too hot, and players and the public can enjoy this very popular sport very comfortably. Our translucent roof cover and walls allow free natural light to enter and reduce energy.

The tennis court tent structure is quickly erected on the original or new site.

Our sloped and curving cabins are ideal for tennis court canopies because they are large enough and high enough.

For more information about the tennis court tent structure, please contact us.

Application: dressing room facilities, shower facilities, health club facilities, cafeteria facilities, tennis club, tennis school, tennis academy, sports and leisure center, investment project

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